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My 'Non-Rose' Rose Question - How Do You Do It?

As I read through so many postings on here (I do a lot of "searches") I come across postings from folks who have hundreds of roses. A couple of times I've read that "so and so" has thousands! And not only do people have hundreds of roses, many people have more than a decade or two of rose growing experiences.

So - to those of you who have hundreds, maybe thousands, of roses - how do y'all keep track of all of your roses... which roses are planted where, in what year, what they do from year to year -- and on and on it goes? You seem to have such vast storages of knowledge of exactly what happens to every single rose from year to year. How do you do this? Do you just keep the marker next to the plant in the ground, and that's it? Or do you keep notes in some kind of organized fashion ... and this is how you keep track from year to year, from rose to rose?

I am amazed, and I'd like to know how you organize and keep records of your information. Do you just have superhero memories?

Miss Mary

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