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How to protect seedlings at base of arbor from weed eater?

17 years ago

I have a wood arbor with bermuda lawn growing right up to the edge of the arbor. I want to plant morning glory seedlings (I'm germinating from seeds) at the base of the arbor so it can grow up the side. I need to cut out some of the grass to provide a place to plant the seedlings.

I am not sure how to protect the seedlings so that the lawn maintenance guys won't cut them off at the base ally with a weed eater. (Also to keep the bermuda grass from growing over the area where I plant the morning glories)

I know I could possibly use a container to plant the seedling in but I think I'd rather plant them in the ground. The only thing I know to do is buy that steel green garden edging and create a miniature little "flower bed", but can you think of other alternatives (e.g. easier and/or cheaper) to protecting the vine at the base and keep it separate from the grass?

I'd appreciate any ideas you can throw my way!

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