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Hydro mulch or seed lawn?

16 years ago

Hi guys,

We just finished building our house on a little over an acre. We just got the sprinker system finished up today. The irrigation guy said we could hydro mulch annual rye to help hold the dirt down until it warms up enough to overseed with bermuda. We live in windy west Texas so we need something to hold the bare dirt down until bermuda will grow. He said the rye would cost about 3500.00 to hydro mulch the whole place but said the results may not be that great since it is still kinda cool now. I can get 50# bags of annual rye seeds at Home Depot for 29.00 a bag. I am wondering if you guys think I can get a decent enough germination out of the plain seed to outweigh the hydro mulch. How many 50# bags would it take to properly plant rye to have good ground coverage since it won't spread like bermuda? Anyone faced this?

Thanks for any help you can shed.

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