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is this actual fruit on my asian pear?

15 years ago

Hi! I planted a potted Asian pear tree about 2 months ago (20th century) and it's got some tiny little fruits on it. I know you need 2 different asian pears for pollination, and did plant a different pear tree (shinseiki) but not til after the first had long flowered. (The shinseiki was bare root when planted and I don't think it's even flowered yet.) But the 20th century has some little cherry-sized fruits on it. Does this mean it will actually produce edible fruits this season, or is this some kind of sterile fruit, if there is such a thing? I'm wondering if the 20th century might have gotten pollinated by something else. I'm pretty sure we have bradfords in my neighbor's yard, pretty nearby. But I'm also pretty sure those won't pollinate and asian. Any info is appreciated - I'm new to the fruit tree thing, as you can tell!

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