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Any treatment suggestions for my asian pear?

11 years ago

My Asian pear tree is getting hit hard by some sort of fungus or disease this year after several years of no spraying and trouble free growth. Is there anything I could or should spray now to help it? For fungicides, I have immunox (not rated for Asian pears?), sulfur and copper. The leaves are covered with black spots (pear spot?) and are yellowing and falling off.

This tree has 4 varieties grafted on one tree and the early variety has aborted a lot of fruit and a lot of them have been lumpy/misshapen. The later variety (brown, russetted) seems somewhat more resistent to the black spotting as well as the fruit being lumpy.

I have used baggies on all the fruit in past years and gotten perfect fruit. This year I only bagged maybe 10% of the fruit and still see very little pest pressure. Maybe 10% of the fruit get a bug but about 50% of the early yellow fruit are misshapen...either failed bug bites or a fungus?

Thanks for any advice.

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