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Dwarf Asian pear , dwarf apple and plum with very small fruit?

15 years ago

We planted six dwarf fruit trees 6 years ago. The peach, nectarine and Bosc pear are doing very well...lots of fruit and healthy trees. The apple, the asian pear, and the yellow plum look healthy but the fruit is about half normal 2 inch in diameter for most of them. I thin all of the fruit equally aggressively, and the peach, nectarine and Bosc have responded with large, beautiful fruit. All of the trees are in the same general area. Is there anything I can try for the underperformers before I give up and replace them? They were all purchased from a small local nursery that claimed their trees were purchased for our climate from Dave Wilson Nursery. I don't fertilize or water them but mulch with homemade compost in the spring and fall. I gave them all supplemental water for their first two summers. Thanks for any help. Wobur

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