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To amend or not to amend? Clay soil...

Tha Pranksta
11 years ago

I'm getting ready to start my first venture in fruit tree planting in a couple of weeks. I've gone with what I think is a healthy mix of responsibilities for the beginner gardener. I've got a Shiro plum, a Satsuma plum, a Redhaven peach, and a Shinseiki pear tree. I definitely appreciate the plum advice I received on this forum as it really helped me make my decision.

I understand that I have clay soil. I've seen conflicting advice on how to deal with it however. Some of the things I've read say don't amend and some say you should. Some say you should plant the tree so a little of the root is above the hole. Others make no distinction. I have no clear idea. If I had to make a choice at this point, I'd guess I shouldn't amend because it will be easier for the trees to adapt to the clay in the long run.

Does anyone have any good advice? Thanks.

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