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May cut down my Moorpark Apricot tree

16 years ago

We have had very few chilling hours so far this winter in Orange County, California, and I expect this will be another year of very limited fruit production from my three year old Moorpark apricot. I love the fruit it does produce, but don't think its earning its keep for the space it takes up and water it requires to only produce about a dozen apricots a year. I knew it required more chilling hours than we usually get when I planted it, but took a chance. A Royal Blenheim I had that finally died of old age also supposedly required more chilling hours than we usually get but almost always produced large amounts of fruit. The Moorpark does have one blossom on it right now but it probably won't make any fruit.

BTW, its been so warm lately that my Arctic Star Nectarine has been in full bloom for a week now with pretty pink blossoms. But there are probably not many bees around this time of year to pollinate it.

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