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Would anyone be so kind to help me with my front yard?? Pix !

16 years ago


I am a longtime lurker but a first time poster on this forum. I was wondering if anyone could help me with some advice for my front yard. I have now gotten 3 completely different opinions about what I should do and I am completely and utterly confused! I did start working with one designer who had great ideas but then never got back to me. Please help!

First, I live in the NW suburbs of Chicago-z5. Our home faces North. We are looking to refresh the front of the house, keeping what we can if possible. I'd like to put a Royal Frost Birch in the front left bed and am looking for ideas as to what else to put there.

It has also been recommended that I include boxwoods, a climbing hydrangea along the 20 ft. wall, and tree hyndrangeas in between the windows. I'd also like to include light pink knock out roses.

I do not want to keep the hedge yews. The viburnum can stay but I don't know if it should stay as is. The junipers on the right side of the door are not my favorite. The crabapples and bird's nest hemlock will stay.

Any help/direction would be much appreciated! My head is spinning!

Thank you in advance for your wise words and valuable opinions-





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