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Can we get a Midwestern woods look in our front yard?Pix

14 years ago

Hi -- We had our yard professionally designed at the end of last season, with the results shown. The designer talked us out of having a "woods" or "forest" in the front yard, saying we needed a lawn. We'd like to change back to our original idea, putting enough trees in the front yard so that we can eliminate grass and maybe have a little bench and a path winding around trees. We have a limited budget but thought maybe a mix of 7 trees total,evergreens and deciduous (aspen and another 1 or 2 for color) could be enough.

The three trees we have now planted in the rocks are a buckeye, an Autumn Purple Ash, and a crimson maple. We'd leave those there.

We can't remember why the designer nixed the forest look. We live in a high wind area but the wind comes from the back of the house.

We thought trees would balance the sticking-out garage and give us a moister look without having to waste so much water on a lawn. We hope to not change the grade of the lawn. The size of the lawn is about 30' wide and 45' deep.

We'd appreciate any suggestions as to how many trees we need, how to place them, and any problems to look out for; we're not very creative in this area. We intend to go back to the designer for his ideas, but want to have some workable ideas of our own before we talk to him again.

Thanks very much for any ideas or suggestions you may have.



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