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Planning a rock bed in front of house - please help!

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I’ll apologize in advance for my complete ignorance in the field of gardening and landscaping…

I’m hoping to do some type of rock bed between a small patio and the walkway to our front door. Not sure if I want to do containers or plant directly in the ground, as this will be an area to help with drainage in the front yard.

There are so many incredibly beautiful flowering trees and bushes and plants down here on the Mississippi Gulf Coast I want to get in on the fun!

If I decide to put some plants directly in the ground, can anyone give me suggestions on what might do well? I've tried to research and have seen some pictures with pretty plants in these rock beds, but I'm not sure what would work well here.

We are coming to the end of a very big, very expensive project, so hiring professional help at this point is probably not going to happen. I need to do this on my own.

Here’s the general layout planned:

Thought I'd come back and add a picture of what it looks like right now - photo taken 2 minutes ago. The red line is where the new patio will be. The current driveway and walkway are being ripped out, but we're going to be following the same basic footprint, but changing some of the lines/curves slightly and widening it quite a bit at the top (to the right) to be able to access the new 2-car garage we built in the back yard.

As you can see from the photo, we're still in full "dumpster in the front yard" construction mode!!!

Thanks to anyone with advice to offer.

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