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MI Rain Garden Class April 2024, 1st posting

last month
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This is my new proposed Rain Garden. Please ignore my original picture that is still below. It is for the town and the second class asked that we do a personal rain garden. Luckily I have great drainage around my home so this garden is located on the strip of land at the end of my drive by the road. I would place the garden between the road, woods, and driveway. A garden at this location would help to filter polluted runoff from the road. Also, they just buried our electric cable so they dug out this area when they put in the box that you can see in the background. They burrowed the cable through the ground and brought it up at the boxes so it is deep enough underground and to the right side so it will not interfer with the rain garden.

My rain garden will need to capture water from a 16' X 17' section of driveway.

That is 272 sq ft. My perc test was 32 mins. With 20% coverage needed my garden should be 54 sq ft.

I will need to move stones to create an area for the water to travel to the rain garden and will utilize the swale for overflow.

Please ignore photo below.

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