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pic of front of house and rock wall help purdy please!

12 years ago

I wasn't sure if I should have posted this in landscape or home decorating. I figured since it has to do with help in relation to the style and decor I'd post it here!

You can skip this rant...Thus far we have painted the house trying to take it from a traditional/60's style to a more classic cottage whatever you call it style, built window planters (planter for large window to yet be contructed), had cement pourd, landscaped a little (not visible in pics). We have yet to replace the door (bought one on craigslist and frame doesn't fit equals more work for tired hubby : ( , get rid of sconces to replace with pendant, replace garage doors, repair old deck-working on that and it's a nightmare!, just to name a few, second coat of paint on pillars to be done by me today...uugghh. We are exhausted to say the least!

I want to take down the ball shaped shrub next to the door but am not sure what to do with the space once it's gone. It was suggested to me to grow a hedge to tie in the hedge on the right. I plan on getting another planter and conal shaped boxwood for the other side of the door. And don't you think the maple is just in the wrong spot? I want to chop it down but everyone around here seems to love them and thinks I'm nuts. It's just all wrong for that spot.

So...the ball shrub and maple will go. Do you have any suggestions? Don't worry about the rock wall. We are going to take down the shrubs as far down to the ground as possible instead of taking them out entirely, fearing that the roots might be to embedded into the rocks.

Thanks in advance!

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