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Please help me design a new bed(s) for my front yard

17 years ago

Hi there,

We moved into our house last fall, and I've been itching to begin planting. Now our new front walk (exposed aggregate) is in, and I can finally start on something.

We removed the crumbling original walk that led straight down from the stairs and replaced it with a curved path. I want to replant the existing foundation beds. There are currently 2 rhodos and other shrubs which are very unhappy looking. The only thing probably worth saving is the two hydrangeas, a hosta and some ferns that are sprouting up.

I'd also like to add one additional bed for now, with more to follow, that give some reason for the curving path.

I'd like to primarily native shrubs and plants, where possible. Our house faces north. We have a ravine to the west and behind our lot, which the community is trying to restore to native habitat (vine maple, red-flowering current, salal, oregon grape, etc). We have a neighbour to the east.

I'd like some privacy between us and our neighbour, though this is more important in the backyard, and also between our house and the street. But nothing taller than around 25' because we have a mountain view in winter. We are on a street with some monster houses and likely more to come, so I want to set up a sanctuary of sorts against future ugly views. ;-)

For the foundation beds, I'm thinking things like clethra, leucothoe, false solomon's seal, ferns, hosta, nandina, sarcococca, astible, pieris, evergreen huckleberry, oregon grape. One side of the house is in deep shade, the other gets some afternoon sun.

Further out from the house and down to the street, I get more sun as this is out of the shadow of the house.

I was so excited to start, and now I'm feeling overwhelmed and not quite sure where to start.

Help! My website has some additional photos that help put the house in context.



Here is a link that might be useful: additional photos of house

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