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New Home - Blank Canvas - Help Me Landscape My Front Yard PLEASE!

8 years ago

Clueless homeowner here. I live in the northeast and it's Fall planting season. After missing the spring window, I have been patiently waiting for my provided landscaping to be planted. My builder allows me one tree of any kind (which I want to place to the far right, but have no idea what tree to ask for). He also is allowing me 12 "shrubs" with no limitations other than what the nursery can get this time of year.

I have a preference to green but would also like a pop of color here or there (was thinking perhaps rose bushes in the area near the front door for that).

I also like dwarf boxwoods quite a lot. I do NOT like barberries.

I also like arborvitaes though he may consider them trees (perhaps a smaller verison exists?)

I am terrible at planning at design when it comes to this stuff, but would like to at least take my shrub and tree allotment and put it to the best use (perhaps leaving room to supplement in the future).

Here are some photos, I would welcome any suggestions big or small. We can refer to the areas (left to right) as: Mailbox, Light Post, Garage Windows, Front Porch, Right Side Windows.

Thanks so much for anything you are kind enough to suggest.

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