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Excuse me, Al's Gritty Mix 1-1-1 question

11 years ago


I have obtained all the ingredients for Al's Gritty Mix (1-1-1) just so you know I do mean gritty. I have a few questions, some of which may be kinda "duh", but I am new to this so I don't care what people think of my questions..I wan't to get this right the first time :) Okay, here they are:

1. Can I even transplant my INDOOR dwarf citrus at this time of year? Bear with me, but do tree's have an "internal timer" that will still react to the season's occuring outdoors?

2. If I should have all parts as close to 1/8 as possible, would I use a 1/8 screen or insect screen?? lol I would think if I wanted 1/8 size particles, then using 1/8 screen would allow the exact size pieces I want to fall through. How should I conduct this screening process....screen is what I have yet to buy, can I stick with one main screen size to sift everything?? If not, in what size order do I screen??

3. My mom has plants indoors, and some do have fungus gnats on a medium to small scale. Let's assume our apartment never get's rid of them, would they stay away from my citrus in a properly made gritty mix?

4. Most importantly my 5 gal size dwarf citrus is in nursery mix, how should I go about rinsing off, soaking?, pruning??, and transplanting "Mandy" (lol) ??? I do have foliage pro, what point should I use that after transplant?? Whew...thanks for all who share input!!! :)

Citrus Mistress, hahha, jk jk, just Nikki

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