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Al's 5-1-1 or Gritty Mix for Citrus/tropical plants? I have big pots!

4 years ago
last modified: 4 years ago

So my citrus and tropical plants (mango/guava/barbados cherry) are in Sta-Green garbage soil and it's about time to empty and use new soil. I want to do this the correct way this time and not the lazy way. Honestly I just couldn't afford the non-lazy way and I'm not sure if I can now either. I can definitely afford the 5-1-1 mix, but I'm a bit afraid of the gritty mix. I live in Arlington, TX, and my pots are larger 19-22in diameter by 18-19in height pots that hold a good amount of dirt. With the 511, I can probably manage since peat is dirt cheap (hah) and perlite is fairly affordable. Pine fines, though hard to get, are pricey here, but affordable enough. Thing is, with the gritty mix, the cheapest granite I can find is the manapro poultry grit for $9.99 for a 25lb bag. I have 5 trees in these same size pots which I got at costco a while back. Do I really need to spend $100 on chicken grit alone just to fill my pots with the 1:1:1 ratio? This isn't even considering the turface or pine fines. In fact, I can't even find a turface supplier. Academy, home depot, lowes, and tractorsupply don't seem to have it. Anybody have any tips or information? I'm also looking for a good turface or turface supplier in the Arlingtom/Dallas/Ft Worth area if anyone is aware of any places. Any alternatives to the chicken grit as well? I think it's about 6-6.5 gallons? Not sure! Am I perhaps overestimating the amount of grit I need for 5 pots?

Most importantly, is the 511 preferable, or is the gritty mix the superior soil mix for citrus?

These are the pots I use, got them from lowes a while ago, they stopped carrying them though.

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