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Up-potting small Sango Kaku

last month

I have some Sango Kaku JM’s I’ve grown up from seeds and had in pots for some time due to moving house. I will eventually plant some out in the yard starting the with the largest ones, because for me these aren’t best container JM’s, ( I’ve already missed best tree-planting time here, due to Life happening , so may only plant one out in the easiest to water area) but smaller ones I just want to upsize for better health & growth .

They are in “regular” potting soil of some sort, but now I’m able to do 5:1:1. Is it better to re- pot with least root disturbances, other than any girdling, or best to go to bareroot and spread out in the new mix so as to get benefits of new soil mix ? I suspect the latter, but just checking!

Trees have already started leafing out, but would I prune any large roots out or just do least trauma since actively growing now?

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