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What would you put in this space?

last month

I have an open-concept floor plan. The "dining space" has a 54" square counter-height table used for puzzles, games, and crafts. We also have an oversized dresser for storage. Both pieces are too large for the space (and they don't go together, color-wise). I'd like to keep a counter-height table here and am debating between 42" and 48" square counter-height table with 4 upholstered chairs. I'd like to keep something on the wall, but perhaps smaller scale. The current storage unit is 18" x 58" x 44".

The space doesn't really allow for the 3' rule around the table unless we go small. I'm ok with violating that rule, but the current setting is definitely too tight.

We also have to allow for a "walkway" between this table and the family room area. I've sometimes tried to expand that "corner" of the family room by pushing furniture closer to the dining space but 40" seems to be the minimum space for a comfortable "walkway." Reducing the table size would give us a slightly bigger walkway or more room to expand the family room.

I've attached a photo of the area and my drawing of the space with dimensions. I don't think the photo really captures how cramped this space is. I"m feeling overwhelmed....what would you do?

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