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What would you put in this blank space? (fill the void!)

15 years ago

I think I am getting close on my bedroom. I have posted for help before and am down to pretty much the final piece (for now) Some day I would like to get different drapes I think but I like the way these match the bedskirt. It does kind of bug me that the bedskirt doesn't reach the ground, but no spiders can crawl up it :) and it covers where the cats decided that the box spring was a good scratching post.

The blue on the walls isn't quite as bright as the pictures show and the green on the dressers isn't quite so brown - you don't see the glaze or whatever it is as much as you do in the pics.

This is the blank spot I am trying to fill. No headboard so I really feel like it needs something.

I originally wanted to put this there:

But DH convinced me it would kill us while we were sleeping. :)

So I need something light weight that will go with the parrish prints which are the only other wall hangings in the room.

Option 1 is the quilt. I know some said it was a bit informal for the room but I absolutely love it for whatever reason. I actually bought two when they were on sale. I was thinking I could hang one over the bed. It honestly is not very comfy so we dont use it I just keep it folded up on the dresser right now. Then if I made the bed for company eyes I could just put the other one folded up at the bottom of the bed.

Option 2:

For whatever reason I love these pics. I think they would be pretty light weight. DH is OK with them, but doesnt like the more geometric ones. I could probably convince him though.




Option 3: ? I am all out. Any other suggestions?

This is the room right now (please excuse the unmade bed and the laundry basket). Left side of bed:

Right side of bed:

More parrish prints:

I probably need something for over the crib too:

And for those that helped on my last post I did end up going with the three throw rugs instead of the one large rug. I think the red works well in the room and I just love these old worn rugs.

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