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Coffee corner help

Hello everyone, I am Luca. I am Italian and I live in the Netherlands. I hope you are all well and happy! I am in the process of changing/improving my apartment. I am a tenant, so I can't do major changes on walls and kitchen cabinets. The apartment was empty, so everything you see in the photos is my stuff. Some time ago, I bought that shelf cabinet you see in the corner of the kitchen area (between wall shelves and a sideboard), and I am using it as coffee station. The coffee machine is too big for the kitchen countertop, where the outlets are placed in the middle and not towards the sides. I definitely don't want the coffee machine in the centre of the countertop. I now realise that I don't like the shelf cabinet, so I am trying to decide what to place there. There's an outlet next to it, which is ideal for the coffee machine. I can't decide what piece of furniture can go there and can match the sideboard, wall shelves and island. My first idea was a short sideboard with a painting on the wall, but I can't decide the style of the sideboard, colour, material.. I attach also a photo of the dining room and living room to give you an idea of the style. It is one open space, so I would like everything to be balanced. If you have an alternative idea, I'd like to hear it. Hope you can help! Thanks a lot. Ciao, Luca!

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