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Island Countertop Seam but slabs are different thickness!

last month

We had our granite countertops installed today and feeling pretty frustrated. Our island is 12 feet long so we knew there would be a seam. The issue is the two slabs are different thickness (over 1/8 of an inch) and one side is not sitting flush with the cabinets (3/8 inch gap). They want our contractor to fix the gap by either raising the cabinets or creating a trim piece. They were aware of the difference before install because they shaved down the thicker slab where they meet so it would be harder to tell. This does not feel acceptable to me. They mentioned one slab cracked during transport so it was replaced (i dont think they realized i wasnt informed of this). I’m wondering if the two slabs are from different bundles. he should have sent both the slabs back if thats the case. Also one side didn’t absorb the sealer well so is looking more grey. They come back Friday to install the marble perimeter and backsplash slabs.

Any guidance on how to resolve this would be helpful.

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