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Roses are coming into full bloom after we got 2 more warm dry days

last month

Here are a couple of pics from today - the last storm (freezing cold from Alaska) ended 2 days ago, and even 2 days of warm sun have encouraged the roses to resume blooming - here are 2 pics:

Fortune's Double Yellow in full bloom (notice that it has climbed up the hard pruned privet tree on the left - all the way to the top!)


Entrance to our side garden - my DH put in the arch entryway, and now finally the roses are cooperating by climbing over the top of it - Duchesse de Brabant on the right front, Rosette Delizzy on the right back, and Anna Oliver (presenting its "yellow phase" - it does that sometimes) on the left. All I did was encourage a few canes to get up where they belonged with a stick when they were flopping around -

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