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Extra dining chairs - match or contrast?

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Hello, my kitchen/dining table has six white chairs around a table with walnut legs. There is always a tablecloth on the table so the tabletop is not relevant. On rare occasion, we add a leaf and need four more chairs in order to seat ten people. I am about to purchase four inexpensive extra chairs to be used only on these rare occasions, and can't decide if it's better to have them white to match the existing (which seems like a lot of white), or walnut for some contrast and to match the table legs. I think I'd prefer the walnut but am wondering if the ratio (6 white and 4 walnut) would be odd looking.

My kitchen/TV room · More Info

My kitchen/TV room · More Info

My kitchen/TV room · More Info

My budget does not allow for "nicer" chairs at the head and foot of the table (or the time to wait/hunt for nicer used chairs.) Thank you for any help/advice/opinions.

Oops, just realized I forgot to center the flowers on the table, there's always one thing I forget!

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