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Can a cookie be an elegant dessert? ie, Nigella's Forgotten Cookies

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Last night I made Nigella's cardamom and pistachio Forgotten Cookies. They were so simple, can be made the night before, and are really delicious. I'm hosting a birthday luncheon for 8 friends, and would like to serve these for dessert. I paired them with vanilla and pistachio ice cream, but both were too sweet. Any other suggestions? Crème Anglaise? Whipped cream?

Menu is relatively simple. An app or two, Arugula Citrus Burrata Salad and maple glazed salmon coated with a a smokey rub and coarsely chopped almond mixture.

I tried the cookies in a martini glass, but they are a bit too big. Maybe in a rim soup bowl? I think if I size the cookies down, they may dry out in the overnight oven.

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