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What's the safest countertop option for giant island overhang?

last month

I'm a homeowner trying to determine the safest countertop option for a kitchen island that has a giant L-shaped overhang, overhanging with 17 inches of depth on one side, and 12 inches of depth on the other (shown in the attached technical drawings). Since I have young children who climb on furniture, safety is my biggest concern. Is there a way to construct the counter overhang so that, even if a heavy person someday sat on that corner overhang, no one would get hurt?
I'm considering three possible counter scenarios and wonder which option is the safest, while still being technically feasible:
A 3 cm quartz counter installed with steel brackets, and possibly plywood beneath
A 3 cm quartzite counter installed with steel brackets and possibly plywood beneath
A 2 or 3 cm quartzite counter supported by a 3/8 inch thick steel plate that extends across the entire island.
Because I have giant sunny windows, the island will be bathed in sun all day long. I'm wondering whether this might cause quartz or quartzite to eventually become brittle and crack, and whether I should therefore support the entire counter with a steel plate? If I go with a quartz counter, should I make sure to use UV resistant quartz to avoid yellowing and cracking because of the sunny window?
I would greatly appreciate any insight into which is the best / safest countertop option!
Thanks very much! - Amy

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