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countertop overhang needs support (retrofit) - help pls!

9 years ago

Hi folks,

I hope this time of hear is finding you relaxed and at peace. We started this kitchen reno in Feb 2014 and we are far from finished. My husband's health issues halted things for many months and now we are trying to nudge things forward but there's not much momentum there.

In spite of my awareness for the need for countertop support, we did not really agree on a plan for how to do that. I know we should have dealt with this before the countertop installation, but it is what it is. Difficult cabinet installer (dh). We have a 15" River White granite overhang that extends along the 54" length of the island.

The cabinets are very solidly attached to the floor. The load bearing studs have to stay.

I am not open to installing legs and I would prefer not to have corbels. An unobtrusive bracket situation would be ideal. Part of the island side is the back of a cabinet (brown) - non-structural and flimsy but a plywood backing could go behind it because that cabinet has drawers. The other part of the island side is the side of a cabinet (white) which is structural and can support weight - there are options for hiding brackets internally? The island side will be covered in 3/4" solid maple panels so there are options for hiding support, possibly.


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