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15" Granite Counter Overhang Supports

8 years ago
last modified: 8 years ago

The thread on curving our kitchen island's been well-advised upon & exhausted, so I wanted to begin this anew for advice from experienced souls out there:

We were given wrong info about this when ordering our cabinets. Now we have space to place 2 corbels on the long side of a 9' long island & plan to have a curved counter top with the deepest point of the curved overhang at 15" on that side as well as an overhang on one end, which is 5' long. Two won't suffice and we don't want corbels anyway.

What we now find we need are the invisible metal supports, and we'll probably end up doing them ourselves before finishing the granite order. We'll need to notch out the tops of the cabinets to place the supports. We were told we'd need to beef up the cabinets with 2x4's as well, but while researching, I've seen various other methods for implanting these supports, and would really appreciate any advice. I'll upload several of the photos I found that most seem to fit what we'd need. THANKS in ADVANCE!

This 1st one would require the 2x4 reinforcement.

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