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Counter overhang supports for Ikea Cabinets?

7 years ago

Our plan includes a peninsula that will have a 12-15" overhang. (Yes, I know 15" is recommended, but we probably won't be able to get that much), I really do not want to have to build a support wall behind the cabinets since that will eat up several inches of depth that we don't have to spare. I'm not sure what material I will be using for counters - solid surface or quartz are most likely. The the width of the counter overhang section will be about 70 inches.

What options do I have for counter supports, and how many would I need for the width I have estimated? We will have a framed support on one end only,

I have been looking online at support brackets and most of the pictures a show them installed on framed cabinets. Ikea cabinets are not only frameless, but the backs of the base cabinets are thin. What should I do?

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