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I'm so proud of myself

2 months ago

Since we spend four months every winter away from home, I try to plan ahead. This year I "kitted up" six quilts to take along. I cut all the pieces and put them in Ziplock bags. I never thought I would finish all six, but it's nice to have a choice of what to work on. Well, I surprised myself. I totally completed four quilt tops and made all the blocks for the remaining two. I just finished this group last night. The colors obviously need to be distributed better. We leave in a week, and I have to get my stuff packed up to send home in our vehicle. It leaves for home next Thursday on a car transport. I'll have lots to quilt and bind when I return home. I suppose I'll have to re-learn my longarm after a four-month hiatus. I really feel good about what I've accomplished this winter in the piecing department. I wish i could say the same about my golf game.

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