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a newbie victory - YAY!!

13 years ago

i am just beyond excited!! i just picked/cut my first zucchini AND broccoli crown!! so THIS is why we garden! i'm so proud of myself! there were days, many, many days where i was just so confused and felt like iwas chasing my tail. well, i still feel that way, but at least i've got something to show for it, lol!! oh happy, happy, joy, joy! i could just burst!

my zucc's are really coming in too! i've maybe 3 more that'll be ready any moment now. i'm worried tho because the leaves are just gi-normous and am feeling that i really should trim them again, but am not sure which ones, or how many. do i trim the really huge older ones?

anyway.. the broccoli head isn't that big, well, it's rather small actually. i would have been happy to leave it a bit longer, but i saw a little bit of yellow peeping and i panicked, i plucked it. i'm now wondering if the other 2 or 3 will be as small as well. hmmm...

is there anything i can do about getting the existing little brocc's bigger? at the rate i cut the first one, it's barely enough for my 8 year old! i'm hoping dearly that i can get to where i feel like i know what i'm doing - like my dearest nana (grandmother) who was an incredibly prolific gardener. i started gardening in her honor and oh how i miss her now.

well, i just wanted to share my little success. i know it's not much, but felt you all would at least understand a little bit.


angela :)

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