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Do you remember block lottos? Here are a couple finishes!

last month

These go back a LONG time but they will finally go to a good cause! Our state Lions Club sponsors Brent's Place, similar to Ronald McDonald House, and hopes to give a quilt to every patient each year - 120 quilts! They are 50" x 70". I hope to finish a couple more, but these will be sent off in the next week.


The first quilt squares were from 2014!

I think they are correctly identified, top left to right, through bottom left to right.

Kate / Beth7Happy / LittleHelen / Kate

Nannykins / Sharon G / Nannykins / Polardream

PattyH / Sharon G / Polardream/ PattyH

Sharon G / Nannykins / LittleHelen / Beth7Happy

Kate / ? / ? / Polardream

I could not find any identification on most of the squares from the Card Trick exchange - or the date, but I know they have been in the closet for a long time! Four of the squares were smaller than the others, so I added black to make them all approximately 12" square.

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