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Open concept layout help

2 months ago

Trying to figure out the best layout for our open concept living room. We purchased our couch before really considering the layout. It’s probably too big and shouldn’t be a sectional, but we wanted something comfortable. Wondering if we can make it work either facing the tv or against the wall in front of the window. There’s also quite a bit in the space right now that is just temporary furniture until we find what we like, ie, barstools, storage trunk. And planning to add a nice area rug to break up all the wood/ warmth. So also would appreciate barstool and rug ideas. Our biggest dilemma is not having a true dining area. The bar is very long and what we’ve been using, but it would make hosting friends for a meal difficult. Could we put a long console table against the back of the couch that could double as seating and be pulled out for dining? Is there some way to use the small corner space to the left of the window? Should we sell our couch and find something that fits the space better?

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