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Creative kitchen island design help needed - how to finish the ends?

last month

I’m not sure how to get the most bang for my buck here… I think we will put outlets on the ends of the islands but I don’t want these big sections of wasted space so I will ask the cabinet shop if they can just integrated them somehow.

My big question is how to design the island ends…. fully open corners doesn’t seem great as it could be prone to breaking without any support. See some ideas below. Also, to the left of the fridge is a little appliance nook and an arched opening to the mudroom. To the right of the fridge is a tall pantry cab followed by a little open counter where I’m thinking of a coffee/tea bar with open shelves with a rounded corner. I thought it would be fun including more rounded details to reference the arched opening…

I think we could bring the island closer to the range cabinetry wall to add a bit more depth to the island for those shallow cabinets on the seating side. Not sure if it is worth having the storage here, otherwise we could just turn this into a wall section and make it look nice with panelling or some kind of interesting material. Seems like a waste of space but not the end of the world.

I really hate the look of outlets but it seems the best place is simply on the ends of the island in the middle. I’m going to look into different options for concealed outlets or at least nice looking ones.

Rounded posts, just simple.

Solid ends, I like the panelling on the island.

A fun detail on a simple island design!

Really fun! I could even see open shelving inside the island on the sides in the rounded area. Uhm, maybe for cookbooks or something? Baskets of tech things?

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