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basamati and jasmine rice, what happened?

I use to buy basmati rice quite often and it was always fragrant and wonderful like the smell of an Indian restuarant. I just bought whatever was on the shelf at the store and both basmati and jasmine rice were very fragrant, as to my memory. It alwasy seemed to deliver as promised.

Suddenly, what I am buying as basmati or jasmine in the store has absolutely no fragrance! What gives? I can see maybe one time it not being fragrant for some reason , but I cant find any in the store that IS fragrant. I even got a bag Royal Elephant basamati at the Asian store and a bag of Thai jasmine. This is an very popular Asian market and they sell tons of rice there! Neither of these bags of rice delivered anything but plain old rice.

What is happening? Is it me?

I bought Goya basamati rice the time before and it was the same lack of any fragrance, at all.

I really enjoy the fragrant rice like that and I just dont understand how it is eluding me. The basamati rice does have a nice, dry puff to it. but tastes like nothing.

Does anyone have any insight into this?

I tried to search it but came up short of answers so I thought I would ask you smart folks.

I would say that I have purchased at least four bags of one kind or the other in maybe the last year, or so. And each one has disappointed and I am so surprised. All different lables. used to, I could open the jar where I kept my scented rice and could smell the scent even on the raw rice in the jar. I didnt smell it with these bags of rice, but thought , well, give it a chance to cook and see. NOPe!

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