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coconut curry chicken and rice recipe?

13 years ago

Hello everyone.... I have had a great tragedy happen! I cannot find my trusty coconut curry chicken and rice recipe. It was perfect, and I do not like any other recipes. It used jasmine rice. I cooked the rice first, and made the coconut/curry gravy on the stove, then put it all in a nine by thirteen baking dish and placed chicken thighs on the bed of rice and baked for like an hour or something. The problem is that I use the internet for most of my recipes (who am I kidding, ALL of my recipes... I don't use cookbooks) and sometimes I don't print or favorite them think that I can just google it if I need it again. Well, I tried that today for my trusty recipe and it would not come up anywhere.

So, I have the craving, now I need a good recipe. If you have one similar to the one I mentioned above or another favorite, would you please post it? I know I could just do it from memory, but I think there was more than curry and coconut milk in the gravy and I don't know what it was!


This is what it looked like the last time I made it

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