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What do you use to make rice????

19 years ago

I made some rice last night and I wasn't too happy with my Non-stick. There is nothing wrong with the pot I think is more me I might have to change the way I make it????

I usually boil the water first then add the rice wait until the water is almost all gone then lower the temperature and cover.

I lowered the temperature all the way to 1. I guess it staued pretty hot anyways because the bottom of my rice was black. The rest of the rice was fine just the bottom was black. Which is not a big problem as long as it stays at the bottom BUT since this put (unlike my older) is REALLY non stick, once I turn the rice some it all got mixed with the black bottom part.

So I either don't know how to cook rice in this new non-stick pot??? I am open to any suggestions.

Or this pots are just not good to make rice with.

What are your thoughts.


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