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Bosch 30" Induction Cooktop Owners - Minimum Cookware Diameter?

Jeff T
3 months ago
last modified: 3 months ago

Hello! Calling all owners of Bosch 30" induction cooktops:

What is the MINIMUM DIAMETER (smallest pan/pot size) that you have been able to use on each burner, particularly the largest 11" burner?

This question applies to the 500, 800, and Benchmark series, and does not apply to the 36" version since the largest burner is dual-ringed/dual-sized on the 36".

This information is not available in the owner's manual or the specification sheet (other than the fact that the burner is 11"). I've called Bosch and have asked questions on the product listing, but have received generic answers telling me to refer to the owner's manual (which doesn't have that information).

I'm looking at the 800 or Benchmark series, but all of my 12" fry pans have probably a 9-10" base. My stock pots are probably 10" across. I'd also like to use my 10" fry pans on it if possible, and those have probably a 7" base.

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