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Going to attempt to make Runzas/Beirocks tomorrow

2 months ago

for the first time. I've been to Nebraska a couple times to visit my son but never had these. I've also lived in Germany and never had one. The last time I was in Nebraska I wanted to try one but never got around to it.

I watched several videos and am going to try and find some frozen dough, otherwise will make it from scratch. I'm also still deciding whether to use saurkraut or cabbage. I printed off a recipe that calls for frying them, which I'm not going to do. Will bake them. I just wanted a rough list of ingredients to go by and will adjust it as I like.

Have you made these before? Have you tried a new recipe lately? How did it turn out?

During the Summer and Fall, I usually make omelets or egg scrambles from multiple different vegetables I pick from my garden. I really miss them so have started sprouting a bean mix and using them in my eggs. I really like the nuttiness it gives them.

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