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Floof! Watch and rewatch?

last month

Do you like reruns? My SO cannot STAND rewatching anything that he has seen before. A movie, TV show, YouTube video, anything. Once is enough for a lifetime for him.

I am the opposite. I watch more things that I have seen before than new things. I just rewatched the first 2 seasons of Bridgerton. SO walked in and asked "haven't you seen this before?" YES! SEVERAL TIMES! WHAT ABOUT IT?!?!?! I watch cooking shows and cartoons from the 90s. I mean, how many times do I need to see the Two Fat Ladies make a chocolate Creme Brulee? A lot apparently.

I would rather rewatch something I know I like than take a chance on wasting a couple hours with something new that I might not. I do give new things a chance all the time. SO makes me so mad because he will insist on us watching a new (to us) movie he found on Prime or netflix or something. And then he will fall asleep 20 minutes in. If it does not interest me by then, I just turn it off and find something I know I like. Also, if I read a new book I enjoy, I will buy the audiobook so I can listen to it over and over.

I just cannot imagine enjoying something and not wanting to watch it again. I told SO its like music. You do not find a song you like and not listen to it again. What is different about an entertaining show or movie or book?

My mom and one of my brothers is the same way. If they have seen it before, they have no patience for it.

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