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Floof! Funny quirks..SO edition!

3 years ago

My SO is weird. That's okay, because I am too. I thought I would share one of his many quirks and invite others to share their SOs quirks as well.

My SO and I were laying in bed. He was trying to sleep, so I had control of the remote. I was on YouTube watching videos. This particular day, I was looking for a recipe for chicken dressing. One of SOs mothers specialties and one of his favorites. He will not be going to her house this year for Thanksgiving. And I do not really care for her so I am not going to ask for her recipe. So there I was watching away, when I suppose SO heard what I was watching and took an interest. It was then that his quirk came out:

"Turn that one off. She's nasty." (He objected to her very VERY long, fake fingernails and her method of mixing things with her hands with said fingernails still attached)

"Not that one, look at that cat in the back! Its all over the counter while she's cooking! Its SNIFFING THE CHICKEN! Yuck!"

"Look, either turn her off or mute her. She is getting on my NERVES!" (She was getting on mine as well. she was very over the top, loud and fast talking. Not the point!)

I finally pointed out that its not like he is going to be eating the ACTUAL food that THEY cooked. So it doesn't matter if a cat dragged its butt across the food after it was mixed with long fake contaminated nails while someone sang and danced a jig around it. I was just looking at the recipe and how they cooked it. I am a stuffing gal. This stuff is new to me. Anyway, it seems that did not matter to him. Apparently, people with "nasty" nails and cat covered counters and loud personalities are not to be trusted with cooking advice. I waited until he went to sleep to watch more.

So weird.

Any to add?

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