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age old ‘what color white’ dilemma- with choices multiplying like rabb

n p
2 months ago

In need of advice on a white paint ‘color’ for a guest bedroom I am currently redecorating. I am just about done. Waiting on drapes that are spots on chenille, in picture provided. Also need some wall mounted light sconces, due to space restrictions. The room is the old master in an old Florida home and is approximately 11‘ x 14’. There is a door leading to a tiny toilet room off the left of the bed, so no room for a side table there without blocking the door. Any ideas greatly appreciated!
As to the white paint color, there are too many choices, making my head spin. And trying to not spend too much money on paint samples. (Hubby is already grumbling about cost and I spent under $500 on all furniture! with drapes costing more than that! Ha!). Just hope I don’t end up having to paint the room myself.. 😮😁
The current wall color is some sort of gray and makes the room look really dull.
Thanks in advance for any suggestions!!

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