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Enhancing a 1981 half Brick Home: Adding Depth and a Welcoming Porch

2 months ago
last modified: 2 months ago

Hello everyone!

I'm seeking advice on how to elevate the curb appeal and dimensional feel of my 1981 home, which currently presents a somewhat flat and dated appearance. Here are the key areas I'm focusing on and would love your insights on:

  1. Material Contrast: With one half of the house in brick and the other in old wood paneling, I'm looking for ways to blend these materials better. Any ideas on creating a more cohesive look?
  2. Window Symmetry Issue: The asymmetrical positioning of one window disrupts the visual harmony. Any suggestions for creatively addressing this?
  3. Central Roof Overhang: The lack of an overhang in the center section of the house contributes to a flat look. Would adding an overhang help, or should I explore other enhancements?
  4. Garage Area Enhancement: Considering there's nothing over the garage, would adding a dormer or another feature help balance the house's facade?
  5. Planned Additions: We're set on expanding the front entrance stairs a foot forward and adding a portico, aiming for a porch where we can place a large chair or a two-seater sofa on either side. We adore porches and want this to be a standout feature. Given this plan, how can we ensure the house doesn’t still appear flat? Any further suggestions to complement these changes?
  6. Significant Changes Under Consideration: From whitewashing for uniformity to adjusting the roofline, I'm open to major alterations. How can these, along with the porch expansion, best enhance the home's depth and curb appeal?

Porch - don't love the shape.. open to suggestions:

I aim to transform the house into a more inviting and visually appealing space. Your experiences, ideas, or visual inspirations would be immensely helpful. Thank you for your guidance!

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