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Need help adding curb appeal on a 1960's ranch

5 years ago

Hi there! I need help adding curb appeal/updating the landscaping on my 1960's ranch. We have done a lot of updating on the inside of the house and now we need to bring the outside of the house up to date. Its hard to show the entire landscape in one picture so I have included a few more near the end.

The masonry on pouch and below the windows is new, so not looking to change that. I have cleaned up the shrubs quite a bit, but they are pretty overgrown and its looking like it is time for them to go. There is also an awkward empty space filled in with rocks on the right side of the porch near the walkway. I would like to get rid of the shrubs and start fresh, but I don't know a lot about landscaping. I am looking to replace the current landscape with something clean, low maintenance, and with a little color. My house is in zone 6A, faces the south, and has a lot of shade. Any suggestions for how to bring my landscape up to date?

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