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R daylilies 2024

sherrygirl zone5 N il
2 months ago
last modified: 2 months ago

We are showing R daylilies today. I don‘t have many recent photos. Five of my R daylilies were new to the garden or didnt bloom last season.

Aheads up for the S posts, there will be two….Sa-Sm then Sn- Sz the following day.

Real wind…. I love color on this old daylily. I wish it was in sbetter spot here….a late bloomer.

Reindeer Antlers holds up marvelously in all day sun, a late colorfast bloomer. It had a lower bud count last season.

Red Suspenders had lower bud count last season, has had good increase.

Red Volunteer blooming in the shade.

Ruby Spider is a staple here. I have two clumps….. my well established clump didn’t bloom last season, the new one did.


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