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T daylilies 2024

Show us your T daylilies today.

Two Sues finally did something here after I quit abusing it. Three moves in three seasons and it survived….finally had some nice blooms last season.

Tyger River….. not very vigorous but growing in a less than ideal spot.

Trance is getting established.

Top Honors struggled last season.

Thibodaux Tantilizer was added last spring and did produce a few pale blooms……hoping the color is more saturated this season.

Tiger Swirl was a worth while big box store purchase…good increase.

Through Dark Waters produces some teeth. Blooms are close to 7”.

Techny Spider is new to the garden.

Tall Dark Stranger has had great increase and bud count.

I had to include Toward the Blue…..this is a photo from a previous season. It did horrible last season, NO decent blooms. Just hoping it has a better season this summer.


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