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Twins' tops finished

3 months ago
last modified: 3 months ago

My coworker is having identical twin girls, due in May. I wanted to make them similar quilts, but not the same, so they will know whose is whose. The bright red and the outer borders are the same in both quilts, and the backing and binding will be the same.

These are free patterns from Jordan Fabrics. I think they were both listed as beginner level.

The snowball one is called Crosshatch and the striped one is called Scrap Strips Diamond Trip. The two of them pretty much wiped out my stash of 2-1/2" strips!

They were both easy to piece. The strip one needs careful attention paid to the angle when sewing the squares to the ends of the strips, so that the sides of the diamonds lean the correct way. On the snowball one, they have you cut blocks in half to make the setting triangles, so you end up with the entire outer edge on the bias. I reduced the size of both and added borders, because I like borders on my quilts. :)

I hope to get the first of these loaded on my quilt frame next weekend. They are both about 55 X 59.

(Sorry for the poor photos - I can't get up high enough to get the whole top in the picture.)

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