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Help choosing dining table and general dining room layout

Philippe Bilodeau
3 months ago
last modified: 3 months ago

Hi everyone!

I am having a rather design dilemma about my dining room. I could squeeze 6 people around my dining tablet but I am thinking of getting an extendable dining table to sit 6 to 8 people comfortably. Most days I just eat alone though on this table.

Goal of the room : having a cozy comfortable, enveloping dining room.

I am hesitating about the shape and color of the dining table.

Shape : a round table or a rectangular one?
Color : since the room is small and facing north, I suppose a lighter color is better. I do prefer brown colors for warmth though. I kinda like the light color of my current table but I want to find a way to make the room cozier. Maybe dark chairs?

Overall design of the room.
Layout : how could I organize the room? Is the current layout okay? The desk can't really go away as I work from home. However, I could have a rectangular table aligned with the wall instead and put my computer at the end of the table. In that case I could have a bigger non-extendable table I think. I was also thinking of using Billy cabinets with glass doors or else to have extra storage eventually if I were to remove the library (if possible).
Walls : what do I do with my plain white walls. I could put pictures obviously but I was also thinking of a big mirror since it could bring more light from the patio door although it is facing north. Maybe another wall color?

For your information the current table is 60 inches long and is beech wood. On the table there is three samples of wood : cherry, oak, walnut.

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