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Open Great Room, Dining Room, Kitchen Layout help, Please :)

9 years ago

Hi Again,
The trusses for our home should have gone up today and we have not been able to figure the kitchen out yet. It is a open floor plan as you can see and I can not seem to arrange it to accommodate how we need it to work so something is going to have to go unless GW can help me out with a plan.
Here is a little about how we will use the space and what I like best:
• We hardly ever bake.
• We cook main meals from scratch that involves cleaning vegetables.
• I like the idea of having a stove top that was easy to clean (induction)
• A wall oven so I do not have to bend down (a double in case we needed it)
• Prep sink to help with things (husband or daughter are always in the way wanting to cook something
• Wanted the dishwasher close to the storage of glasses and plates (glasses and plates, should they be near the table?)
• We like to entertain on the deck area and around the kitchen

Below is the latest plan from the cabinet store:
I think the island could be bigger. We do not have a good CAD of this area because we, us & the builder, moved walls around so we could get a walk-in pantry. It also does not seem like it fits any of the feedback I have receive here when I posted last week. Can you again give me some feedback on this new lay-out. THANK YOU!!! :)


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