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Need help with open great room/dining room/kitchen decor

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Above are some photos showing you layout and current state of decor of our great room/dining room/kitchen area (please excuse messy kitchen). Non-negotiable items for now are slate-look porcelain tile, which we replaced throughout the house and which we love (even though it is dark) and kitchen cabinets (which would be a huge project, and after 2 years of demo-ing the rest ourselves at + or - 70 years old, I'm over more demo for the moment. Sort of non-negotiable is the solid cherry Chippendale furniture, which I inherited from my mom and, which, although it might not be exactly my first choice, I like well enough and I'm not sure it would be worth changing out at our age. I understand that that limits our style.

Style: Mike, I would categorize as boho eclectic--he is reponsible for the clock on the living room wall (yet to be fixed) and the chandelier in the dining room). Me, Lynne, I would categorize as minimalist wannabe with unfortunate collectionist tendencies. I am responsible for the oil painting in the niche, the round tile and the lapis dragon in the dining room and the gray Formica tables. Of course I may be completely mistaken about both of us.


1) Which end/coffee tables in the living room: the gray Formica to add to transitional look & to be indestructible for any visiting drunks who happen to want to dance on the coffee table? Or the cherry Chippendale that speak to our more refined sensibilities and are prone to rings from wet glasses left by visiting kids?

2. What kind of window treatments on East window by piano (currently just cheap roll-up shades there to protect the piano). We have double pane, and I think low-E glass, an ugly view of the driveway and garage, but probably need some protection from morning sun. West has original gray verticals left from previous owners, looks to lanai and pool, but is shaded by roof, so light is diminished except in late pm.

3. What lamps for tables? Anything else I can do to keep it from seeming so dark? (My last house had North/South exposure and the light was totally different!)

4. Any other ideas for chimney? It's not my favorite, but I don't even know where to start. I guess I've been hoping that I could do other stuff first & see if that took attention away from the chimney...

Thanks for your help!

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